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Anti aging enthusiasts are often interested in anti aging hgh therapy. This refers to the use of human growth hormone, a hormone naturally produced by the human pituitary gland. The pituitary produces the highest hormone levels in childhood and young adulthood, decreasing production when we are finished growing in our early twenties. With the decrease in HGH, we start to experience weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased energy levels, and other subtle symptoms associated with aging. It's not surprising that the first medicinal use of HGH was to treat children with stunted growth, followed by performance enhancing treatment in athletes. The hormone can only be administered by injection.

It seems obvious that another potential use of the hormone might be anti aging hgh, and an increasing number of people are getting HGH treatments from their doctors. Clinical studies have proven that injections of hgh cause an increase in muscle mass. Other claims for the treatment include protection against age related diseases, younger looking skin, increased energy levels etc.; however, these claims are not backed up so strongly by science. No one really knows what the long term effect of hgh hormone therapy might be. Not surprisingly, a lively debate is ongoing between HGH proponents and an anti aging anti hgh product group.

Anti aging hgh injections have a dark side, of which the injection part is just the beginning. Using the hormone for this purpose is an "off label" application, at least in the United States, meaning that it hasn't been approved for this purpose. This may actually be illegal in some jurisdictions. Getting injections from anyone except a medical doctor is illegal as well. Not surprisingly, the injections are very expensive, placing them out of reach for any but the wealthy. Finally, anti aging hgh therapy is associated with some serious side effects, particularly when the level of hormone in the blood rises above the level that can be obtained in the blood naturally. These disadvantages give the anti aging anti hgh product argument considerable strength.

Efforts to address the dark side of anti aging hgh therapy have resulted in a clever modification of the hormone treatment. The vast majority of HGH products available to the public now are formulations designed to stimulate the human pituitary gland to increase its own production of the hormone. With these products, injections are unnecessary, excessive levels of HGH in the circulation are avoided, and the cost comes way down. While the results of this type of therapy are not as dramatic as those with injection, the approach is undoubtedly safer. Many on the anti aging anti hgh product side have embraced this idea as an acceptable compromise. Doubts about what can actually be verified as a positive result of anti aging hgh therapy, however, remain.

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